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Level 27

Level27 incentivizes its platform participants to engage with social content to promote the products, experiences, artists, and brands that they already love. As platform participants engage with sponsored content, brands reach new audiences and benefit from peer-to-peer validation. When friends influence friends, marketing budgets achieve a higher ROI. 



Level27 is a scalable and targeted platform that delivers authentic social media engagement on demand with a model that is proven and growing. 


The Problem: 

Brands have to get buyers to pay attention. They spend a lot of money for what is called “paid media” (Banners and Sponsored Posts) but the real bang for the buck is in “earned media”, or posts, comments and recommendations shared by a friend.

The solution:  Level27 builds platforms that attract specific demographic groups targeted by a marketing campaign.  “Friend-to-Friend Marketing” offers brands total control of their content. The efficiency of this approach creates value, significantly increasing the organic reach of social content. Perhaps most importantly, it offers something incredibly unique and powerful: an implicit, friend-to-friend recommendation of a product or service. In effect, Level27 monetizes brand stories by aggregating and activating fans and followers of media content to amplify that content through a social loyalty and rewards based marketing system.

Clients, including both individuals and brands, pay to access Level27 users, who are organized by interest group. A customer can seed content with Level27 and access a highly motivated and highly social group that is targeted to their marketing needs. Customer content gets retweeted, shared, liked and amplified with a tracking system and guaranteed engagement.

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