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Involvement with ThreeG is highly attractive to existing owners because of the broad array of business and financing skills, which ThreeG brings to its portfolio companies. 

Investment Focus Areas and Articles

A Better Way To Grow

Involvement with ThreeG is highly attractive to existing owners because of the broad array of business, fund raising and finance skills, which ThreeG provides to its focus area portfolio companies. The articles describe some of the ThreeG investments and activities, as well as its Capitalization Analysis Tool companies use to better optimize their founder-owner valuations at exit. 


ThreeG has experience in growing businesses from the early stages into substantial organizations. With this experience, we focus on investments where we will add value and where our active top management level guidance is welcome and beneficial. We also work as needed to define or realign vision, strengthen management, introduce synergistic partners, invest and raise capital, and also evaluate, structure and finance acquisitions.

Recent businesses and sectors of special interest have included companies with environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies in energy, transportation electrification (the power-transportation nexus), waste recycling and sustainable materials, the built environment, and water conservation.



Early stage companies in need of strategic input and shepherding through the capital raising or financial restructuring process rely on ThreeG. Positioning such companies for attracting venture capital at an early stage is only the first step.​​ Read at the link below about ThreeG's investments and activities.


ThreeG helps companies in need of the financial restructuring, strategic planning, and

 management development required to support and accelerate growth to a liquidity event satisfactory to all stakeholders.Read about the ThreeG Capitalization Analysis Tool in the article linked here, which has helped many companies better plan for an optimal exitfor all stakeholders.

Smaller to intermediate size companies in niche and growing markets often look to investment and strategic relationships to facilitate growth. Read in the link below a ThreeG article about one of its investments in renwable energy for underwater drones.

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